Re-ordering the words of advertisers to say what we really want.

About the project

RE-Advertise is a project that was started at  Site Gallery in February 2012 under the Time & Place Residency programme.  It is run by two artists working collaboratively, Abi Goodman & Sarah Smizz.

What is RE-advertise all about?

Words, words, words. We are surrounded by them. An ever present visual in the landscape. Billboards everywhere telling us what we ‘want’. Slogans seeping into our collective consciousness. But hey! How about we try and take control? Can we take the words from those advertisers and manipulate them to say something that is important to each one of us? There lies the challenge. We’ve collected words from advertising billboards in the area surrounding the Site Gallery and are seeking participants to do just that – to adapt the words into a meaningful message. To RE:advertise.

We need YOU to help us RE-advertise. Please follow links from here for the words.


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